Mike’s more than 20 years of magic experience is seen in every show!

Mike’s career in magic started ironically enough with magic tricks using science.  Many of them he learned from TV and Mr. Wizard, Don Herbert!  By the time Mike was in college he was a confident juggler and looking to expand his repertoire.  A single magic book got Mike on his path to magic.  That interest also landed Mike a job in the local magic shop while he was still in school, this was another way for him to hone his skills and study the art of magic.  Over the following decade Mike became a skilled performer and sleight-of-hand artist.  Whether it was sponges, coins, cards or everyday objects, Mike was comfortable entertaining.  His walk around and close-up magic has been enjoyed at parties, weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs and corporate events. Mike continues to hone his routines, and learn more.  He also continues to perform  close-up magic at parties or events.

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